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Check Engine Light Service

Check Engine Light Service in  San Francisco, CA

As drivers, we tend to take for granted the health of our vehicle. That is, until something goes awry. That dreaded check engine light strikes fear into the hearts of most automobile owners, especially if it lights up.

When that light does come on, what do you do? Do you become paralyzed with fear that it might be a major problem? Maybe you ignore it, hoping it will go away.

Whatever you do when your car’s check engine light comes on, be sure to bring it to Cowden Automotive for service. We help diagnose potential engine problems for drivers in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Mateo, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Just because your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, this does not automatically mean that there is a major problem. Minor issues can cause this to happen as well. In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of things that can lead to a vehicle’s check engine light displaying.

Check Engine Light on in San Francisco, CA

As mentioned above, there is a variety of things that can cause one’s check engine light to come on, from minor to major. The top 5 reasons include:

  • Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensor
  • Loose or Missing Gas Cap
  • Damaged Catalytic Converter
  • Spark Plugs or Wires Need to be Replaced
  • Mass Airflow Sensor Needs Replacing

These problems are largely routine fixes, and do not represent all of the things that would cause a check engine light to display. While these are relatively minor fixes, they can eventually lead to irreparable engine damage if not corrected. Just because you ignored this light before and had nothing happen, does not mean you’ll be so lucky again.

When that pulse-quickening moment does happen, be ready for it. Our team of experts at Cowden Automotive are ready and waiting to diagnose (and fix, if necessary) your check engine light problems. Contact us to schedule an appointment today and get back on the road with confidence.

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Cowden Automotive's business is built on two basic principles: treat our customers with respect and fix your car right the first time. Those two principles have guided our business for over 30 years and continue on today. At Cowden Automotive, we believe that finding an auto repair shop shouldn't be a challenge. We build strong relationships with our customers and work harder to deliver the best auto repair services in the greater San Francisco, CA region. When you need your car fixed in Oakland, your check engine light decoded in San Mateo, or your oil changed near the bay, come to Cowden Automotive for great service, expert diagnostics, and quality auto repair. Proudly serving San Francisco, CA, Oakland, CA, San Mateo, CA, and surrounding areas.

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